If you are owning a social media online store

    • Join us for FREE if you are selling on Facebook Page/ Blog Shop/ Website/Instagram. The benefits to be our agent:
    • We protect our agents by hiding the price from their customer. Only verified agents can see the price on our shop.
    • No minimum order quantity needed. You can just order 1 piece and we will deliver for you . Hence, you don’t need to keep stocks.
    • You just need to focus on your sales and we will help and deliver to your customer.
    • Our company name will not be appeared in the consignment note. We will put your company name instead  as the sender.
    • You have the permission to use any photos or pictures related to our items in your online shop.
    • Rewards are given to our agents. Check with us on the rewards.

If you don’t have any store

If you can’t provide any retail business information, you will need to pay RM100 agent fee.

The agent fee (only if you don't have an retail business store, subject to our verification) is not refundable but is exchangeable for any item in our website after you place a total of RM150 orders with us within 2 months. Credit note code will be created  for you to use in your next purchase.

How to be our agent?

1. Register with us using this Registration Form

2. Once your account is verified, you will receive an email to login to You can see all the dropship pricing after that.

3. Just place your order on after you received confirmed order from your customer.


1.  Your selling price must at least same or higher than our retail selling price and we will from time to time checking to prevent price war/marker price mess. 

2. You should make full payment for all ready stock within 24 hours. Do contact customer service if to extend payment period due to special reason.

3. 50% deposit to be paid for pre-order item. Do take note ETA may delay due to unforeseen circumstances. Deposit will be refunded in credit note term to your account only if   factory cancel production.

4. Please make sure you provide correct customer delivery address. If we find out that you are buying for you own instead of selling to customer, we will terminate your         dropship member immediately.